Agenda for the 19th IOS-TG Meeting,
ENEA, Frascati, Italy

16-19 October 2017

(Version 2 – 24 August 2017)

Day 1: Monday 16 October 2017
  Opening of the meeting  
09:00 IOS logistics A. Tuccillo
09:10 Agenda for the meeting T. Luce
09:15 Actions from previous meeting T. Luce
  Machine status reports  
9:20 ITER issues update J. Snipes
9:55 Update on machine experiment schedules T. Luce
10:00 DIII-D Experimental Report and Plans J. Ferron
10:30 Coffee break  
  Machine status reports (cont.)  
11:00 AUG Experimental Report and Plans J. Stober
11:30 Characteristics of KSTAR high poloidal beta discharges + status and plans YM Jeon
12:00 JET Experimental report and plans E. Joffrin?
12:30 FTU operations with liquid Li and Sn limiters M. Iafrati
13:00-14:00 Lunch break  
  Joint Research/Modeling Activity reports  
14:00 ITER rampdown experiment analysis P. de Vries
14:30 Updates on the ramp-down numerical optimization with the RAPTOR code A. Teplukhina
15:00 W transport and accumulation control in the termination phase of JET H-mode discharges and implications for ITER F. Koechl
15:30 ITER rampdown modeling F. Poli
16:00 Coffee Break  
  Joint Research/Modeling Activity reports (cont.)  
16:30 Risk of radiative collapse durin the JET high current/high field termination I. Voitsekhovitch (remote)
17:00 Pre-fusion-power operation phase modeling M. Schneider
17:30 ITER baseline scenario modeling Y.-S. Na
18:00 Meeting close  

Day 2: Tuesday 17 October 2017
  Joint Experiment Reports  
9:00 IOS-1.2, 1.3, 1.4 J. Stober? for G. Sips
9:30 IOS-2.1 J. Snipes
10:00 IOS-3.1 T. Luce
10:30 Coffee break  
  Joint Experiment Reports (cont.)  
11:00 IOS-3.3 E. Joffrin
11:30 IOS-4.2, 4.3 T. Luce
12:00 IOS-5.1 L. Colas
12:30 Proposals for new joint experiments  
13:00-14:00 Lunch break  
  Control for ITER  
14:00 Progress in integrated control on TCV and ASDEX-Upgrade F. Felici (remote)
14:30 Control of q(0), bN and torque for access to QH mode E. Schuster
15:00 PCS design and commissioning for ITER first plasma P. de Vries
15:30 Standardized plasma shape and its operation characteristics for KSTAR upgrade toward steady-state operation H.-S. Kim
16:00 Coffee Break  
  ITER Heating and Current Drive Modeling  
16:30 Status and progress of the ITER H&CD systems M. Schneider
17:00 H&CD solutions for 2.65 T operation F. Poli
17:30 How to optimise ctr-ECCD for sawtooth destabilisation in ITER V. Parail
18:00 Meeting close  


Day 3: Wednesday 18 October 2017
  IAEA FEC Paper Reports  
9:00 LHCD at high density B. Ding or P. Bonoli
9:30 ITER baseline T. Luce for G. Sips
10:00 Rampdown joint activity P. de Vries
10:30 Particle transport benchmark Y.-S. Na
11:00 Coffee break  
  Proposals for IAEA FEC 2018  
11:30 Discussion  
  Joint Research/Modeling Activities  
12:15 Discussion of status and new activity proposals  
13:00-14:00 Lunch break  
  Baseline Scenario Modeling  
14:00 Current drive and pedestal stability in JET F. Napoli (remote)
14:30 Integrated modelling of the ITER baseline H-mode termination phase with neon seeding F. Koechl
  ITER Breakdown Studies  
15:00 A review of low-voltage breakdown studies P. de Vries for G. Sips
15:20 Breakdown with third harmonic EC J. Stober
15:40 Trapped particle configuration startup in KSTAR and ITER J. Lee
16:10 Coffee break  
  ITER Breakdown Studies (cont.)  
16:30 Breakdown modeling M.-G. You
  Other modelling reports  
17:00 Progress on IMAS and the scenario database M. Schneider
17:30 Development and Application of integrated transport analyses suite, TASK3D-a, in LHD M. Yokoyama
Float High-field side LHCD plans for DIII-D P. Bonoli
18:00 Meeting close  
19:45 Group Dinner at Ristorante Fontana Vecchia. Luceday 200  

Day 4: Thursday 19 October 2017
  Other Experiments  
9:00 Experimental results from the initial W7-X campaign and plans E. Ascasibar
9:30 JT-60SA status S. Ide
10:00 DTT status F. Crisanti or A. Tuccillo
10:30 Coffee break  
  Summary sessions & final discussions on actions  
11:00 Review of experiment and JRA actions T. Luce
11:30 Review of control and low-activation scenario actions J. Snipes
12:00  Review of modelling actions Y.-S. Na
12:30 Preparation for next meeting T. Luce
  Meeting close  
13:00-14:00 Lunch break