The Modern2020 Workshop  will be held at the ENEA-Frascati Research Center.

The town of Frascati is located on the hillside 20 km SE of Rome. It is connected by train to the Central Station Roma-Termini, and by bus to the Metro Line A (Station Anagnina). The ENEA Research Center is located in Via E. Fermi 45, about 2 Km from the main square "Piazza Roma".

Metro in Rome


How to reach the town of Frascati and ENEA Research Center:

Arriving by Air


From Leonardo da Vinci, Rome-Fiumicino International Airport

you can take the Leonardo Express train to Roma Termini (Rome central station)

Tickets can be purchased at a ticket counter, at a tobacconist's and at vending machines in the railway station. Departures are scheduled from 6.37 to 23.37 every 30 min. Make sure the final destination of your train is Roma Termini.

As an alternative you can take the Terravision bus to Roma Termini


From Rome-Ciampino International Airport:

 Roma-Ciampino is closer to Frascati than the main airport Roma-Fiumicino. The taxi fare from Ciampino to Frascati is in the range Euro 30 to 50 depending on the traffic conditions. There is a bus service from Ciampino Airport to Ciampino railway station (10 min. ride), which is on the line Roma-Termini <==> Frascati.


By Train

From the Central Station Roma Termini you can take a train to FRASCATI (arriving in town, about 1.5 km from the ENEA center)

or to TOR VERGATA on the line Roma-Frosinone (arriving in walking distance from the ENEA Center - 500 m).

Regional Tickets to Frascati and Tor Vergata can be purchased at newspaper kiosks and tobacconists avoiding queues at ticket counters.


 By Taxi

  • Taxi fares from Fiumicino Airport are about 40-50 Euro to Roma-Termini and 60-80 Euro to Frascati. WARNING: always use "official" white taxi with the "taxi" sign on the car to avoid any unnecessary surcharge.  If you arrive in the evening we suggest the use of a taxi.

    To book a car transfer at special rate (65 Euro) for ENEA you should send an EMAIL to

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    I would like to reserve a car for  ...... NAME ......

    to reach Frascati by taxi at the special price of 65 euro for the ENEA Conference/meeting/workshop

    1. ....YOUR NAME  .....

    2. the number of your Flight : ..XXXX...

    3. the name of Airline : ......XXXX......

    4. the time of arrival in Fiumicino airport ….XXXX…

    You can also fill the online form that is sent directly to ENEA and to the car service (the form is visible only if you take an account).

    For any needs on your arrival you can reach the driver on  the mobile phone number: +39 3490576717



    By Car

    •From the Rome belway GRA, Tuscolana exit, follow signs to Frascati

    •From Roma-Napoli higway, Monteporzio Catone exit, follow signs to Frascati.


    41.820388, 12.672644

    +41° 49' 13.40", +12° 40' 21.52" 





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