The THz-ARTE Project

In the framework of the cooperation in Science and Technology between the Italian and Japanese governments, a project entitled THz-ARTE "Terahertz Advanced Research TEchniques for non-invasive analysis in art conservation" has been funded in the area of Technologies applied to Cultural Heritage for the years 2013-2015.

The main objective of THz-ARTE is the application of terahertz spectroscopy and reflective terahertz imaging as new non-invasive analytical methodologies applied to the investigation of artworks and Cultural Heritage objects, including, among others, paintings on diverse supports, sculptures and furniture. Several non- and micro-invasive techniques have been developed worldwide in the past to achieve a characterization of paintings with the aim of being as complete as possible and to extract data on the origin and age of materials used.

Among the non-invasive optical techniques a very important role is played by Infrared Reflectography (IRR) and Hyper- and Multi-spectral imaging techniques that provide useful information on the artists' painting methods as well as provide spectroscopic and colorimetric information on the investigated area/surface.

Within the THz-ARTE project, the Italian (ENEA-Frascati & CNR-IFAC,Firenze) and the Japanese (NICT-Tokyo & NNRICP-Nara) teams propose to extend the application of the imaging techniques mentioned above to the Gigahertz (GHz) and Terahertz (THz) frequencies, more specifically in the 20 GHz - 0.6 THz range, which is situated between the microwave and infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Imaging applications are rapidly developing in material science and GHz/THz imaging systems will provide useful data in the investigation and knowledge of the internal physical structure of non-metallic objects without touching the artworks investigated.

The main task of the present project is to perform a multi-frequency investigation of artworks and cultural heritage objects (panel paintings, wall-paintings, mosaics, etc.). The integration of IRR data and VIS/IR hyper-spectral imaging with GHz/THz imaging will provide a powerful tool for researchers in the field of art conservation. To this purpose, a novel hyper-spectral scanning system equipped with various probe heads and sources of electromagnetic radiation at different frequencies is being developed. The wide spectral range covered by this device will make it possible to correlate information from different spectral regions in a single data collection campaign.

The operation of the scanner in the low frequency part of the spectrum (20 - 100 GHz) will give additional information about the internal structure of the samples. This will be useful in the identification process of mural paintings covered by gesso or plaster layers and in determining detachments in frescoes, which are not detectable with standard techniques. The high reflectivity and absorption of water in this spectral range can also be exploited to determine moisture damages to structures and the presence of biological infestations, like algae, lichens, green patinas or other microorganism under mosaic tiles.

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